I know what you are thinking. She really is crazy if she’s twitching. Not twitching in the convulsing-I-really-have-gone-mad-and-manic way, but in the restless need to move, speak, scream kind of way.

I just walked into my faith class today and it hit me. This class is an enormous waste of my time. This isn’t an all-out religion hate-fest. Admittedly, I’m not Catholic or Christian. (Agnostic, nice to meet you), but even that wasn’t the biggest problem. It was the realization of what religion could do to people.

So I was looking at my GCRM (Gay Civil Rights Movement) Feed on its ning and reading up on the whole #amazonfail debacle and not for the first time it floored me how messed up the whole thing was, how one opinion could overrule another to the point where the opposition wasn’t just wrong, they were morally wrong, sinners, corrupt, and destined for hell. It was the fact that this exists (http://www.truthwinsout.org/blog/exodus-focus-on-the-family-defend-violent-status-quo-in-schools/) or that books on how to “cure” homosexuality top the amazon searches or that the openly gay Iowa senator who helped to pass the great laws that legalized Iowa is now facing death threats. (Additionally, bi, nice to meet you as well).

It all makes me sick and sad. And I can’t blame religion, but I sure as hell blame all the people who use it as an excuse. And I wouldn’t be so upset except I was sitting in my religion class, thinking about how I had been in that seat before and taught the same twisted morals that lead to hate crimes, repression, suicide and all of this horrible stuff. I felt so wrong just sitting there, quietly taking it all in, like I had been for years, even before I understood the issue. (We were learning about the Gospel of John at the time so it would hardly be appropriate to start yelling, but the point remains).

So I started twitching. I took a walk around the school to calm my jangled nerves but I’m still angry. These thoughts occur to me frequently and it was hardly the first time I’d been upset by them, but it is still tiring to be quiet.

It makes me thankful for the Day of Silence on Friday. At least my silence will mean something for once. Besides, someone needs to shake this school up.